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Filipino Food is now trending!

Filipino cuisine is a rising star in the food world, but there’s one question that seems to linger in the minds of those who are tempted to try it: What exactly is Filipino food?

Often referred to as the “original fusion cuisine,” the dishes draw inspiration from Spanish, Malaysian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and American cultures. Bridging the gap between the world’s favorite flavors, you’ll find the typically sweet, salty, and sour ingredients to be accommodating for nearly every palate. This is perhaps the main reason why Google searches for “filipino food” have tripled since 2012, and are more frequent than ever.

Now the Mother and Daughter tandem, Barbara & Julie, 168 Philippine Cuisine owners/chef and from the main Philippines culinary capital of Pampanga. B & J wants to share their amazing “The Best Tastes of Home” Filipino cuisine at 168 Philippine Cuisine In Madison Heights, MI. Their versatility and love of cooking will bring you the memories of what the true essence of the best Pinoy cookings. Stop by and meet them in person. You will love their cooking.